What is Advertising?

Advertising is a component of the Marketing promotions mix. It involves paying for messages to be sent to people in a non-personal via delivery channels like: internet, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, buildings, billboards, buses, sports stadiums, teams…the list is endless!

Advertising lets people know that products exist and why they exist. The purpose is to persuade viewers that the product is suitable for their needs so that when they have a requirement for that particular product they think of one they saw advertised and purchase it.

In many cases advertisements associate the company brand to the product, this helps develop the brand presence so when people have a particular need for a product they think of that brand. If they have a good experience with the product they may continue to buy other other products from the brand.

What does Advertising involve?

Researching: Competitors and the markets that clients operate in so there is a clear understanding of the type of advertising required.

Strategy: Development of long-term and short-term advertising strategies in-line with specific business goals.

collaboration: There are many different people involved in advertising campaigns; the business, advertising manager, designers and graphic artists.

Analysing result: Necessary to understanding the impact and success of the campaign and what happens next wit the advertising budget,

Creativity is inherent to advertising, attempting to catch public attention to buy an extremely dull product requires a quirky and creative approach in advertising and is fundamental to the company identity and position in the market.

Positioning of advertisements is just as important as the content and can drive the cost up depending on when and were you place your advert. Its reported that advertisements shown during the 2015 American Superbowl cost around $4 million dollars for a 30 second slot and they are seen by as many as 110 million people.

What skills do I need to work in Advertising?

Be Flexible: Advertising professionals often travel to meet with businesses and clients and work long hours to complete workloads

Passion: key to success in any job! You need to be passionate about advertising and really know the industry well to succeed.

Creativity: you will be tasked with coming up with new and unique ideas to make the clients products and services stand out.

Planning skills are essential, you will be managing the budget,

Knowledge: understanding all of the communication channels and the environment your client operates in is essential to developing the right campaign, you will have to carry out research and learn quickly.

Communication: you could be meeting with clients regularly to discuss their requirements it is important to listen, clarify and communicate ideas effectively with all stakeholders.

Sales: clients could be meeting with a number of agencies to see which one they think will fit their requirements best, selling the services by demonstrating a clear understand of what the business requirements are and how they can be delivered.

Analytical: you need to be able to look at campaign data and use it to inform decisions about future campaigns.

Do I need any qualifications?

Advertising can be an extremely competitive industry and many agencies and businesses will suggest a degree as a pre-requisite and some agencies may only consider applications from graduates.

It is possible to find work in advertising without a degree, but to stand the best chance of getting in somewhere you should look to have evidence of both experience and qualifications on your CV. You need to be exceptionally proactive if you want to succeed in advertising, with or without a degree.

Networking is a great way to make connections and its useful in competitive industries like advertising so you find out about opportunities on the radar before everyone else.

There are a number of specific qualifications in Advertising, we have included a few examples but please ensure you do your own research as this is just a brief overview:

University of Lincoln – Advertising and Marketing BA Hons
University of Lincoln – Creative Advertising BA Hons
Lancaster University – Advertising and Marketing BA Hons
Sheffield Hallam University – Marketing Communications and Advertising
Birmingham City University – Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

What is the salary range like for jobs in Advertising?

Media Sales Executives, Advertising Executives and Account Executives can expect to start on around £22,000 with the mid-range salary being around £26,000. Some advertising roles will include an element off commission based earnings as well a as a basic salary which could see you top your earnings up to £40,000.

Advertising Managers and Account Managers starter salaries range between £25,000-£30,000 with the more experienced advertising salaries reaching £40,000 with opportunities for commission.