Advice from the experts

Marketing recruitment agency MET Marketing review marketing CV’s day in, day out.

Tom Fordham of MET has given us some of their top tips as to what they do and don’t want to see on Marketing CV’s.

What are the essential things you have to see on a marketing CV for it to stand a chance?

Experience – not just what your job was to do but what you’ve actually delivered. Get tangible results and achievements on there. Always make sure that it is tailored to suit the job and restructure your responsibilities and achievements in an order which reflects the key priorities of the role you are applying for.

What makes a CV exceptional?

The results which have been delivered. It’s great to have been responsible for a campaign but not if we don’t know what came from that. Specific results about how much improvement you have made to the business. Response rates increased, new customers generated, revenue or profit directly attributable to the work you have done.

In terms of layout is there a particular style that you favour over another?

Keep it simple in most instances. Use bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs full of text. Break down each role into responsibilities and achievements. Always use reverse chronological order. Don’t waste too much time on jobs or education irrelevant to the job you are applying for.

What would be your top tips for marketers when writing a CV?

How can they stand out from the crowd? Follow up your application, show a real passion and desire and identify why you have specifically applied to the role you have and make the CV bespoke to the application.

What would make you chuck a CV straight in the bin?

Spelling and grammar errors, hard to find job titles, companies and dates of employment. Anything over 4 pages.