Apprenticeships in Marketing

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine working, learning and earning. You get to gain a recognised qualification whilst developing your professional skills and earning money, what could be better?

Apprenticeships have become a great way to get get hands-on experience and kick-start a career in marketing. See a full list of the different types of apprenticeships available in marketing.

You will typically work full time hours and be visited by an assessor of the college or training centre providing the apprenticeship and you may even be required to attend college

Am I eligible?

If you are 16 or over, live in England and are not in full-time education you can apply for an apprenticeship.

You can expect to be paid at least £2.73 per hour during the first year of your apprenticeship if you are aged 16-18, if you are aged 19 or over after the first year of the apprenticeship you qualify for the full minimum wage of £5.13 for ages 18-20 and £6.50 for 21 year and over.

Types of Apprenticeship (level)

There are four different types of apprenticeship and eligibility is dependent on your age and current qualification levels. If you have no previous qualifications you may need to do a traineeship before you can start an apprenticeship. click one to find out more:


Marketing Apprenticeship Roles Profiles

These are some of the current marketing apprenticeship roles that you may come across when searching for a marketing apprenticeship:

Marketing Apprentice
Digital Marketing Apprentice
Social Media and Marketing Apprentice
Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice
Social Media and Web Apprentice
Apprentice Marketing Administrator
Web and Digital Marketing Apprentice
PR Apprentice
Marketing and PR Apprentice


How do I apply?

You can search and apply for vacancies on the apprenticeships website and on our apprenticeships job board.

You will be guided through the application form when you sign up. Its important that you apply a lot of effort to your application to give yourself the best chance of getting an interview.

Have a look in our CV help for tips on writing a great cover letter, CV and applying for jobs.

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