BTEC’s for Marketing Careers

BTEC’s are a great alternative to studying A-levels if you dread exams and prefer to be assessed wholly by coursework. Typically undertaken by 16-19 year olds continuing education after their GCSE’s, if you are older than this you could still be considered for a BTEC but you may also want to have a look into the Acess to HE Diploma.

BTEC is a vocational qualification rather than academic, this is a more practical learning experience directly related to employment of the subject matter, this is why BTEC’s are mostly prevalent in areas such as; business, travel & tourism, engineering and I.T.

The courses are designed to equip you with knowledge of the industry as well as the theory behind the subjects and they can prepare you to go into the workplace or on to further study at university.

Are BTEC’s as good as A-levels?

The questions everyone is asking, the answer is YES! The number of BTEC students achieving the equivelent to AAB (average grades you ened to get into a top university) has gone up by 16% wheras A-level students achieving AAB has fallen by 2,500 over the last year.

If you are worried about whether studying a BTEC will hinder your chances of getting in to a top university, then this Q&A about BTEC’s on the Guardian website will put your mind at ease.

Who studies a BTEC?

If you want to go on to university to study marketing or another subject that will help you get into a marketing career then continuing your education with a BTEC is a great option especially if you prefer coursework to exams!

Whilst studying a BTEC will equip you with some of practical knowledge and theory that can be taken into the workplace it won’t necessarily be enough to convince employers you have the right level of skills or knowledge to get a foot in the door in marketing, if you want to get straight into work and gain a qualification you should consider looking for an Apprenticeship.

If you do want to study a BTEC with a view to getting into employment afterwards then it is possible if you gain some experience through work experience or volunteering alongside your BTEC.

What kind of BTEC’s are available in Marketing?

Here are a couple we found that have units that focus on marketing, it may be that your local college or sixth form does not offer a BTEC solely in marketing but it will most likely offer one in Business and this will contain specific marketing units:

BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Marketing

BTEC Level 3 in Social Media for Business

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business and Marketing

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business Retail & Marketing

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business

Make sure you do your own research to see what there is available at your local college or sixth form.