Case Study: Amba Fellows

Amba is completing an apprenticeship in Social Media and Communications with BCHC NHS, giving her a solid platform in which to develop her marketing career on.

Find out how a chance visit to an apprenticeship event put Amba on the right track to a digital marketing career.

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What attracted you to a career in Marketing?

I have always had a background interest in marketing, but nothing that I have ever put forward. When I attended an apprenticeship week event held by the NHS, I was informed of a social media role and I knew it was for me straight away – I guess I was introduced by luck.

Tell us about your route into Marketing?

Before my apprenticeship, I didn’t really know much about marketing, however, once I had secured my job, I began to research and get the basics on marketing, and when I began all of my colleagues were inputting into my learning.

What does your apprenticeship involve? How has it benefited you?

My apprenticeship involves a whole range of things, from doing basic communication jobs, i.e. updating news on our intranet page, sending out staff emails and doing some website work to taking pictures, interviewing employees and patients, writing articles, and manning social media platforms from Twitter to Yammer.

Briefly talk us through a typical day as in your current job

A typical day for me involves a lot of coffee (just kidding). Each day varies in my job role: one day I can be out and about talking to people, interviewing and taking photos, to writing articles, communication jobs or campaigning on Twitter, there is never a dull time and I always have something to do, all of which is very interesting and quite often fun, as I love nothing more than meeting new people and being able to hear and write about their stories, and campaigning on Twitter, especially when we get a few responses.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced throughout your marketing career and how have you overcome them?

It’s hard to pinpoint a ‘biggest challenge’ as when I started everything was new to me. I would have to say the first interview I attended alone, as I had no one to fall back on if I had missed a key point or got stuck with what to say, but doing this has given me a lot of confidence.

What would you describe as your personal strengths and assets that have ensured success in your career so far?

I would have to say the growth in my confidence, I have always been able to talk to new people, but not to the extent I do now, and I have always been very nervous talking in large groups of people (meetings), however, now I am able to share my thoughts and opinions during these situations.

If you could give a single piece of advice to someone looking to get into their own marketing career what would it be?

Do your research beforehand; it always helps – particularly in interviews.