Case Study: Email Marketing Specialist

Nemesh Perera Email Marketing Specialist Ultimate Email.

Nemesh started out his career in marketing and quickly developed skills and expertise that worked best in the specialism of Email Marketing

With 10+ years experience in Email Marketing, Nemesh has been employed and contracted by businesses across a range of industries.

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What attracted you to a career in Marketing?

I have always enjoyed promoting and sales. The whole objective of increasing sales without physically selling makes it interesting and challenging.

Tell us about your route into Marketing? 

I started working in marketing as a whole (online and offline) but I soon realised that I enjoyed the digital side of marketing. Once I started Email Marketing it was clear that was what I wanted to pursue in life.

Briefly talk us through a typical day as in your current job 

  • Manage all of the companies email campaigns.
  • Deal with internal marketing managers/directors to plan and execute email strategies
  • Monitor campaign reports
  • Monitor complaints
  • Ensure all campaigns meet brand guidelines and all data has relevant permissions to receive communications
  • ensure high inbox delivery rates (monitoring domain and IP reputations, feedback loops, sending queues, whit listing etc)
  • Provide advice and training to marketing teams

What are the biggest challenges you have faced throughout your marketing career and how have you overcome them? 

My biggest challenges have been trying to gain knowledge throughout the whole Email Marketing work flow and keeping up to date with all the latest Email Marketing best practices and news. The Email Marketing work flow is split into several different job roles such as designer, developer, data analyst, campaign manager etc, and in order to become an email specialist I had to get experience within all of the different job roles.

I was able to overcome these by becoming a contractor and undertaking different roles. This gave me the exposure to all the steps within Email Marketing. I also became a member of several online Email Marketing groups which help me keep up to date on all the latest Email Marketing news and updates.

What would you describe as your biggest personal strengths and assets that have ensured success in your career? 

My biggest personal strengths would be ambition and determination as without these I would not have survived the uphill battle to get to where I am today. Choosing a career was the easy part but whether or not I succeeded within my chosen career depended on how ambitious and determined I was to get to my career level goal.

If you could give a single piece of advice to someone looking to get into their own marketing career what would it be? 

Gain as much experience within your chosen career as possible, try to work for the best names in the industry and don’t be put off by the initial low pay or the long distance travelling. Experience is key to any successful marketing career.