Case Study: Marketing Assistant

Phoebe Roberts Marketing Assistant at Just trays

Phoebe was faced with the dilemma of which path to take to a career after completing her A-levels.

She decided on an apprenticeship in business administration which developed her skills and experience in marketing and led to her being kept on as marketing and PR assistant.

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What attracted you to a career in Marketing?

Marketing is such a fascinating part of any company. The nature of the role is so diverse two days will never be the same. You get to work in many other departments, whether it is supporting them, or them supporting you in campaigns. As a job in marketing requires a greater level of inter-departmental work, you gain a far bigger perspective relating to how a business works.

Tell us about your route into Marketing?

I completed an NVQ level 2 apprenticeship in Business Administration. I worked while I learned, which was great as I could practice what I was learning, which gave me confidence. I was able to keep my position after I completed my apprenticeship.

Briefly talk us through a typical day as in your current job

As I said, no two days are ever the same. However, there a few daily rituals I do to make sure I cover every aspect of my role. I am in constant contact with the PR agency, providing image requests or sample requests to key journalists. I manage the Facebook and Twitter page, making sure posts are brand and customer focused. If there are events which are in the diary, I make sure all POS collateral is ordered well in advance, liaising with printers and getting the artwork finalised with the designers.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced to get into your marketing career? How did you overcome them?

Experience is key to any successful career. The hardest thing was being a school leaver and deciding not to go to University. That seems the norm thing to do once you have finished your A-Levels, as the job market is scarce at the moment. An apprenticeship never came to mind, but I recommend to anyone out there who is looking for a job, not just in marketing, that apprenticeships are the way forward. Mine was completed in a year and I am now in full time employment. Some people who go to University for 3+ years do not have the valuable experience I have achieved in just one.

If you could give a single piece of advice to someone looking to get into their own marketing career what would it be?

If you decide not to go to university I strongly recommend you look into doing an apprenticeship. It gives you not only on the job training, but confidence in the work place and it is amazing how much you learn when you get thrown in the deep end. If you do decide to go down the University route, I would definitely take a year out to do a placement as experience really is the key to success.