Interning is a great way to build up some experience

What is an internship and how does it differ to volunteering?

Marketing Internships offer the opportunity to work full time in a marketing role that will help you develop you experience, put your knowledge and theory to use and acquire new skills.

Internships are typically touted to graduates because they have so much knowledge but lack the experience to gain full time paid employment, interning bridges that gap by offering a full time opportunity in marketing for a a short period usually around 3 months but it can be upto 6 months and as little a as a few weeks.

Most internships are unpaid however many will cover travel and lunch expenses and many more are now offering a basic salary.

Do I need a degree to intern?

Not always, some internships with list having a degree as desirable but as long as you can demonstrate on your cv and cover letter you skills and knowlegde in marketing it won’t matter.

This is a two-way relationship that benefits both parties; organisations gain cost effective work resources and the interns get to build up experience.

A similar alternative to interning is a traineeship, these are work experience placements to prepare for apprenticeships or employment.

Why should I intern?

Employers invest a lot of time and money into recruiting the right marketers to do the job, they want to see on your CV that you have experience of carrying out similar tasks of that required in the job.

They are also looking for indications of a can-do attitude that says you will do more than just the bare minimum, you go the extra mile to secure the future you want. Gaining unpaid experience is a great way to demonstrate just how willing you are to get into marketing.

Having a degree in marketing just isn’t good enough in an extremely competitive market, you must be able to prove you can do the job by gaining the experience.

Where do I start?

Start by developing you CV and cover letter just as you would for a job, some internships can be very competitive especially in fields like fashion and graphic design but there are opportunities out there!

Take a look at the following websites for the latest internships and make sure you check our internships job board


Can’t see anything? Then contact companies directly, you are after all offering to work for them for free! Don’t limit yourself to businesses who are actively looking for interns, there are plenty of companies out there who could use the extra help but don’t neccesarily have time to run an intern programme.

Research local businesses based on your hobbies and interests. This is a great opportunity to look for internships with companies that you are genuinely interested in.

Check out our CV and cover letter templates for interns and be sure to include your reasons for wanting to intern with the company, if you can demonstrate an interest and understanding of the company it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Explain what skills you have to offer, you may have no prior experience in the workplace but if you have experience in using them, you can include things like:

Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Paint and photoshop


blogging – tumblr, wordpress, blogengine

social media – twitter, facebook instagram

teamwork – do you play in a team or have you worked in a team for an educational project?

events – have you ever planned a birthday party or helped with a fundraising event?

And finally make it clear that you have a great attitude and can’t wait to get your teeth stuck into a challenge and gain some experience.

Don’t bother doing anything with just a little effort, if you really want this then make it count, if not there will be someone else out there who wants it more than you.