What is the Legal Industry?

The legal sector makes up a large part of the professional services industry.

Legal firms help individuals and businesses understand how the law applies to them and how to conduct their business in proper compliance to the law.

Common fields of law include; commercial law, criminal law, Human Rights, family law, employement law, intellectual property and personal injury

Types of legal services include:

  • International firm: Large firms mainly located in London

  • City firms: offering broad commercial training, typically specialising in one or two areas

  • National and regional firms: available in most cities outside of london

  • General practise, legal aid and advice: small practises, partnerships and one man bands found on high streets.

What kind of marketing is required in the Legal Industry?

Marketing for the legal industry is made up of the whole range of marketing specialisms, here’s a little insight into the types of marketing carried out amongst legal firms currently:

A core focus of legal marketing centres around developing the website SEO so that the company ranks above competitors under specific search terms in Google, this is an effective way for small and large firms to capture new enquiries by ranking above competitors for related search terms for examples “solicitors enfield”.

As a result of this content is extremely important to the websites. Many legal firms are taking to their websites and blogs to develop additional content that demonstrates knowledge and expertise in their area of law as well as commentating on news related to law and the business.

Websites require content written to professional standards and often in-line with their brand tone, having information about their services, staff and customer testimonials adds value to the user experience and most importantly additional content for search engines.

Brand management- Many legal businesses understand the importance of having a brand scheme, logo, website and brochures that aid their mission to become recognised for the services and clients they represent. Carrying out further brand activities through PR, sponsorship, advertising and events helps to shape the brand reputation.

Finally most legal firms these days are no stranger to social media with platforms like twitter and LinkedIn being a great way to connect with potential clients, gain introductions and champion their industry with expert commentary.

What skills and knowledge is useful for marketing in the legal industry?

Check out our Marketing Communications page to get a better understanding of the methods and techniques involved that can be applied to marketing for law.

Good knowledge of SEO, the latest Google algorithms and how they affect the website. You need to be able to write and fine tune content for search engines. Knowledge of PPC and other forms of paid search marketing is also valuable.

Ability to write content to professional standards and develop industry related content, this may require additional knowledge and interest in the legal field you plan to represent, whilst also adhering to regulatory requirements of the legal industry.

You could be running an event or meeting potential clients through networking events, this will require a confident and professional manner as well as the ability to build up a rapport with people quickly and follow-up effectively.

Overall good knowledge across a range of marketing techniques in particularly digital, that apply to the business. Its useful to do you research into existing law firms and look at how they are currently marketing themselves.

Are there any qualifications available in legal Marketing?

(this is just a few we came across, but please ensure you do your own research!)

Aberystwyth University – BA Law with Marketing

University of Worcester – Business, Marketing & Business Law BA Hons

University of Derby – BA Hons Law and Marketing

It is not necessary to have a combined degree in law and marketing, law degrees alone provide and excellent basis for a marketing career especially if you wish to pursue marketing in a legal field, however it is important to gain experience as well as qualifications.

I’m interested what now?

Most legal firms will be looking for some existing experience in a professional services environment, professional services typically describes occupations that contribute to the growth of the economy; examples include finance, law, Engineering, Architecture, Doctors and Dentists. If you feel you do not have enough existing transferable experience check out our guide to developing experience.

Professional services employers are more likely to cite having a degree as a pre-requisite however this is purely down to the employer and is not a deal-breaker across the industry. Many employers will cite a degree or “equivalent”, this could be a professional qualification or the equivalent in experience.

Depending on your level of experience you could transfer your existing skills into a marketing role in the legal industry, however if you don’t have enough experience then visit our guide to building experience through volunteering and work placements.

Here are a few website that may be useful to find out more information about careers in law:

Law Gazette – its good to do some research into current marketing roles available in law, so you can identify what skills and experience you will need.

Totally Legal – Another Legal recruitment site, useful for research into legal marketing roles

CILEX – Chartered Institute of Legal Executives