Professional Qualifications

Professional qualifications describe qualifications provided by a chartered or professional body. Many are highly regarded by employers as they demonstrate further subject knowledge that is accredited by an industry leading body.

What professional qualifications are available in marketing?

There are simply to many to list so we have provided an overview of the courses available under each body, these are all courses of either a marketing nature, a marketing specialism or have marketing specific modules.


Who should complete a professional qualification?

There are absolutely no limitations in terms of skill or previous education, most professional bodies offer a range of qualifications to meet many different levels including non-graduates and those who have been out of the class-room for an extended period. If you are under 18 click here to view level 3 and below professional qualifications.

Professional qualifications are a great way for current and aspiring marketers to strengthen their knowledge, improve employability and progress on to the next level of their careers.

Which one do I choose!?

It depends on your role or the role you aspire to do, many marketers opt for the CIM because of its reputation in the industry but there are many different bodies out there offering professional marketing qualifications that could be more suitable to you so its worth reviewing all of the courses available to you at the level you require, so perhaps your first question is what level am I at?

Things to consider:

How the course is delivered – this is important as everyone has different styles of learning and whilst some may be comfortable completing a course from home with a virtual tutor others may prefer having the lessons delivered in a classroom, method of delivery also affects the price in many cases.

Is it right for the level you are at – before you make a financial commitment, really consider whether the level is right for you. If you are attempting to do something a bit too advance in the hope of just muddling through so you can get the qualification early you run the risk of ruining the experience! The same go’s the other way to easy and you won’t be challenged or learning anything that could benefit your career

Do you want the certificate or the knowledge? Figuring out your true motivation for doing a professional qualification can be tricky! There is no right or wrong answer but the truth is a bit of both helps, yes the qualification will look great on your CV and could give you the edge over competition but its the knowledge that will actually help you push forward in your career.

Your budget – professional qualifications range in cost from hundreds into thousands, usually in relation to the level and how they are delivered, before you write off one qualification as being to expensive consider looking at different companies running the course as many will offer different modes of payment including monthly payment plans. Also be sure you budget for all the related costs like membership to the body (if required), course materials and exam fees. This price you see initially may be much less than you pay overall.

Time – this is a big one because when you set out to start your course you are excited about the end result! Between the start and the end there could be a lot of work depending on the timescales and the type of course you have chosen, check that the timescales fit around your job and other responsibilities you have and leave you with enough free time, this is essential to being able to enjoy the course and complete it!

Do you really need to do this? Most professional bodies would say yes but whilst having a professional qualification can be a fantastic way demonstrate your knowledge it is not a necessity and it won’t guarantee you a promotion. Whether you are looking for an edge over the competition or an in depth knowledge of a specific subject, professional qualifications can have more than one use but it is up to you to decide what they are in relation to your career. Get as much out of them as you can!