Routes into Marketing

Here we aim to help you explore all of the routes available to you to into a career in marketing, the most important factor being that there are plenty of different paths available and you are not limited to just one!


It is possible to develop the skills, experience and knowledge that will enable you to sell yourself to employers without prior qualifications, the only pre-requisite is dedication and drive!

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Still in school and thinking about a career in marketing? There are many things you can start doing now to give yourself a head start, from picking your GCSE options to developing you social media skills.

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Leaving school and thinking about going to college or perhaps returning to college? There are a number of different courses to suit budding marketers that can help you take another step towards your career in marketing.

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Vocational qualifications and Apprenticeships provide the perfect basis to learn whilst you earn, gain valuable experience and establish or further your career in marketing.

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University and higher education level qualifications can provide you with the in-depth theory to progress into a marketing career. There are many higher education qualifications to suit different interests and levels.

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Whilst not necessarily a definitive route into marketing, networking is all about making connections and developing relationships that help you develop into a better marketer.

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