Still in school?

If you are still at school, now is a great time to start thinking about a career in marketing. Have a look at our marketing specialisms and roles pages to see which side of marketing interests you the most.

There are plenty of things you can do now that will help you get on the right path towards a marketing career.

Whether you want to go on to an apprenticeship, further education or straight into a job after school, getting good GCSE results will help you progress on to the next step of your career journey.

Core subjects like English, Maths, Science and IT are extremely useful in marketing, so make them your top priority if you wish to go on to college and then University.

You can still progress on to a BTEC or an Apprenticeship if you do not pass them with A-C grades.

Why do core subjects matter to marketing?

English is especially important in marketing jobs that require writing to be carried out for brochures, websites, leaflets and on social media.

Science is useful for analysing the results of marketing campaigns and understanding the customers and their behaviour, this information can help marketers make better decisions about how to sell products.

Maths skills help marketers manage the budget for their marketing campaigns so that they can keep it cost-effective and most importantly make a profit.

IT is important to all marketing jobs as most of the work is computer based, using programmes like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as more specialist software Photoshop and In-design.

What about your GCSE options?

If you have yet to choose your options, there are a few GCSE’s that could help you towards a marketing career:

Business studies will give you an overview of all the different areas of a business and how they work together to run the business, this includes learning about the marketing aspect of business as well as business environment, finance and other areas.

Languages are highly sought by employers all over, if you can speak a second language you could take your marketing career overseas. Having another language is a great advantage in any career including marketing.

Graphic Products offers the opportunity to learn about the creative design process and use a range of modelling and design techniques to design and make your own products and packaging, it will help you understand the purpose of design in the process of marketing.

Work Experience

If you are required to complete work experience at school it’s a great opportunity to get some experience working with a marketing department.

Specify that you would like to spend some time with a marketing team or email local businesses to see if you could do your work experience in their marketing department.

Work experience is a great opportunity to see what really goes on in the marketing department and it will give you the opportunity to speak to a marketing professional about what the job is really like and how they got into it.

Got prepared with lots of questions and get as much out of the experience as you can!

What about after school?

Apprenticeships – work, earn and learn

Further Education – further study in marketing that will prepare you for university or the workplace

Straight into marketing – want to skip education and just get a job?

Professional Qualifications – studying with a professional institute could help your marketing career